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Friday, 23 July 2010

news news news...

ever sit at your pc knowing you want to update your blog, knowing you need to update your blog, knowing the things you want to update it with and then simply sitting at your desk trying to find the right words to say and not really getting very far with it at all? yeh thought and me both!!!

so i'll start with some pretty awesome news that i can share with you all, yep the very same news i've been promising to let you know for a little while now and can finally do so. last night was BAAG's - bendigo autism asperger's group's AGM and last night i was officially voted in as!!!!!

i had been approached about 2 months ago by BAAG and asked if i would like to take this onboard which was pretty darn overwhelming and daunting at the time but wow what a privilege and honour to be asked and  take on this very worthwhile and incredible role. i mean this is huge and although i wanted to get my toes a little wet in the shallow waters, there's nothing like jumping in the deep and all!!!!

as a parent of 4 teenagers...3 of them with autism and other disorders/disabilities, i have a very real passion and drive to understand, learn, advocate, help and support my own children but then to take that and work  within the wider community and do the very same thing with individuals, families, organisations, services and professionals that is something pretty incredible and very much a privilege.

i believe that we can make a difference to bring about the much needed change for those who have a disability and those that are impacted by one if we continue to work together to bring about the necessary and vital needs of each individual as one size no longer fits all. much work has already been done but there is still so much more to do.....acknowledgment, acceptance and understanding are really critical because it's the glimmer of hope that allows us to move forward one tiny baby step at a time, it's the glimmer of hope that allows us to get out of bed in the morning exhausted to push through another day because our loved ones need us too and it's the leap of faith that we take to push through the constant knockdowns and negative boundaries society has placed upon us because many simply don't "get it".

together we can make a difference!!!!

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