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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

as promised...

yep i did promise some pics of the new car that is not quite 2 weeks old...that is 2 weeks old in newness to us.......and have i told you it's a dream to drive. yup still feels a little surreal but we're trying real hard to make it feel more real. one thing i do have to say it is i love love love driving it. i love love love looking at it and i love love love the fact that it belongs to me....oh and the family hehehehe. anyhoo here ya go and thanks for your patience cause i know you've all been waiting anxiously to see it.....haven't you?!!!

ok so here she is and we've called her bill...pretty sweet ride hey!! bill is a 2008/2009 holden commodore omega and an absolute dream to drive. it didn't come with tinted windows when we first purchased her but before we brought her home we asked our local holden dealer to tint the windows as dark as legally allowed. tint is "street legal" yep that's the tint colour with the driver and front passenger done as dark as legally allowed there and the back windows and back windscreen darker but nicely blended so it doesn't look weird.

when we had the windows tinted we had to take into account the sensory issues and visual impairment needs of our children. thankfully after discussing this with our holden dealer accessory department after already being quoted one price, they came up with an even better solution with darker tint and said they would do that at no extra cost. not only was i so incredibly grateful as it was something i did not expect but they understood completely...yep they "got it" as they have friends with special needs kids and they knew what that meant.

she comes with so much, things i haven't even heard of before and the fabulous thing is she's also done very low km's and that's always a good thing. she's settled in very nicely and we ♥ her to bits and even lance and grace...both with their learners permits have been allowed to drive her, something i initially said no too but this car is one to be respected and the kids certainly do that. they've both only driven her once each in the past couple of days but interestingly enough, they are more cautious, more alert and really appreciate and respect her....that says enough hey?!!!

the even more incredible thing here though is something much more you know we have 4 teens and 3 of them have autism...our youngest son isaac who is so disengaged from society has taken advantage of bill (the car) and just about everyday since we've brought her home isaac has come for a drive in it. whether it's been to drop grace of at her friends, pick up mr iggles (our rabbit) from the vet or just ask dad to go for a drive he has been really happy to do so. now it may seem weird to many of you but our son could barely cope with taking a step outside the front or back door and spends most of his time in a dark room on his xbox as his anxieties are just so high that he is incapable of much more. to those of you who "get it" then you will know that this baby step is huge and it means so much to us......yes a glimmer of hope!!!

the school holidays are nearing their end and i must say i'm not really looking forward to it. life becomes just so much more difficult when we're in a school term and particularly when your kids are really struggling and not being supported in anyway within the school system. but i haven't given up yet and nor will's just about putting my energy to good use in a different way and working round it but this time and finally with the help and support of a team from disability services to come on in and do the so called "negotiating" for us and work it from their angle.

anyhoo before i sign off i just wanted to share one more thing with you.... i'm getting closer to being able to share my awesome news with you. i still can't let the cat out of the bag yet...well i can, but i've chosen not too because i personally think this time i'd simply like to wait till it's all official and i'll just have to keep you all in suspense till the 22nd of july when it all takes place. but it's big...well big for me and very exciting.

ok i've waffled on long enough so till next time, take care and keep on smiling.
hugs chris xoxo

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chris can't wait to hear your special news. XXXX Annette