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Monday, 28 June 2010

school holidays...

have officially started and i've enjoyed every part of day one. today lance and i managed righteous pups now that we have our new car and can actually get there and back without any drama's whatsoever and that felt good.....really really good!!!

yep last thursday we purchased a 2008 holden commodore omega and last saturday morning we brought our new baby home. friday morning it went in to have the windows tinted to suit our needs and to keep all things legal and saturday morning just before pick up a complete car care package (fifth dimension) was done on both outside and inside of the car and the car looks simply fab.u.lous!!!!

pictures will arrive on the blog of our new car over the next couple of days i promise as i truly have been busy even though now the stress of having a reliable car has been sorted out my situation is still very very busy....but somewhat busy in a very new way and in a very new role and something i will share with you real soon i promise. in the mean time i am trying to find my feet a little and seems like i've taken the plunge and dived straight in but all for a very worthwhile and amazing cause.

school holidays have started as i mentioned a little earlier and the very title of this blog post and i really have enjoyed day one so far. things have gone really well today and that is really good. living the life we do means everyday is predictably unpredictable and we take the bad with the good, the good with the bad and try to manage moment by by day as best we can given the fact that hubby and i really are only human with no super powers or extraterrestrial gifts of any sort.

sometimes life throws some real curve balls our way...i could simply walk away and not deal with them and therefore not try but if i did that it would mean setting my children up to fail and i'm not like that.....or i can learn to catch them and use them positively and for good reason and for good cause. remember you can't fail if you keep trying...once you stop trying, you start failing and life is far too precious to give up on your loved ones or more importantly yourself.

i've walked a very painful journey my whole life, i've been bullied not only as a child but as a grown woman in my 30's and 40's and seeing as i'm 43 now, that bullying has left deep irreversible damage with agonising results. the impact has been horrendous but for the past 3 to 4 weeks i've stood tall and i've stood strong because my husband and my family mean the world to me and because they are worth every bit of it. i will no longer listen to those that thought they new best, i will no longer deal with "their" issues because they feel like telling me how things should be even though they have no idea what life for us is like, i will no longer allow these people to stand over me and treat me like i'm the lowest form of life in this world and they think i don't matter. well guess what this time i've taken back control and this time i've made a stand. if loving my husband and my children and wanting the best for them in every way possible is a problem to certain people then that's just's your problem and not mine and we don't need it or you in our lives.

sometimes you just gotta take the bull by the horns and do what you have to do and that's what tim and i have done recently. not an easy decision to make and one that in itself was incredibly stressful for both tim and i although prior to making it, it was causing us stress and unrest beyond imaginable measure and although i prefer not to delve to deep into what tim and i have gone through for many  years...lets just say we are learning to breathe once again for ourselves.

life sure does through a range of challenges at us....learning to weigh them up and balance them is something we all need to learn. work through the priorities, work through what's right and best for you and your loved ones, listen to advice but only advice that is worth taking onboard and remember to always listen to your heart!!!

till next time take care and stay true to yourself. for those of you on school holidays, stay calm, stay sane and above all....enjoy life. remember when things are getting tough, there is always someone out there, yep another person, couple or family that are doing it even tougher. hugs xoxo

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