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Friday, 25 June 2010

poor poor neglected blog

it's so sad i know....i can't even keep up with blogging these days and i had every intention to do so at least weekly. anyhoo sad thing is i haven't and as much i've written an entire book on excuses and very good ones at that for why i haven't been able to keep up....who's gonna read

life is plodding along for us here one day at a time....yep we're no different to anyone else but it's up and down like a yo-yo either spinning out of control or completed knotted and stuck in a rut.

there is heaps to say but man i won't bore you with the finer details however i will mention that we're finally getting a new car....yep the ford has to go and it's time to replace it with something more reliable and capable of actually starting, driving, staying on the road and getting us to and tomorrow morning we take ownership of a new car....well a 2008 commodore and i simply can't fact none of us can but we have one more sleep to get through and then we bring our new baby home in the morning.

what else is news with the dudes holidays have officially started and i am so looking forward to 2 weeks of no school runs....there are still appointments but no school runs and i ♥ that!!! sleep in's, wintery days, rain, boredom, kids fighting, kids nagging.....yep gonna enjoy the lot....hehehehe and when it all get's too much i'll be able to jump in the car and go for a drive.

actually tim and i are going to spend some of the school holiday's ripping up carpet, lino, tiles and revealing the awesome floor boards that sit underneath all that in very good condition ready to sand and seal. we hope to repair the plaster walls in grace's room and prepare it for painting as soon as the warmer weather appears, look at some new bathroom goodies like shower and handbasin and paint colours to redo the inside of the house and do part of the back yard and garden and front yard with stones, pavers and a little of this and that....yep we're on a mission.

anyhoo quick and simple tonight just to touch base and say hey yep i am in the land of the living even if it's in zombie mode. oki doki signing off for now and i'll post pics of the new car asap....ahhh i can't wait but of course i have to....only one more sleep though.

for all those parents out there ready to embark on 2 weeks of school holidays...stay strong, stay calm and remember to breathe. hugs chris xoxo

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Lillie said...

Hi Chris...boy do I know how you feel about keeping up with the blog. I have actually made two posts in mine after a year of not posting. I may actually be on a roll!! :). congrats on the new car!