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Sunday, 30 May 2010

what a week...

yes it has been one incredible week, both good and bad, both positive and negative but tonight as i sit here blogging, putting my thoughts down and out there for all the world to read....i realise i am grateful for so many things.

despite the fact that for most of this week we've been without a car as repair after repair was dealt with at our mechanics to get it back up and running, that without the car i could not get anywhere that i needed to go without the help of someone else to take me, that for four days it pretty much sat at the mechanics having so much done to it that even i didn't know if at the end of this time we would have a car or not and the fact that i seemed fairly stressed out because of it...what i am grateful for is this
  • no one had any appointments to get to this particular week
  • although lance does righteous pups 3 times a week he was ok with the fact we could not get there for 2 of those times while the car was being attended too
  • steph's paediatrician's appointment with Dr Ken Armstrong was rescheduled till this coming week because he was urgently called away
  • my good friend trish offered to help in anyway we needed and we took her up on that with getting kids to and fro school and to the shops as i needed
  • and although i don't want to go through that again in any hurry that we managed and we survived
what else am i grateful for...that as i "celebrated" my 43rd birthday yesterday (Saturday 29th of May) that my children coped and we got through the day without any drama's. see for us having children who have special needs....getting through a day such as a birthday without any meltdowns, without any difficulties, without any major issues even if it means we do nothing "special", even if it means we don't have any other family over, even if it means dining out in front of the tv with take away, junk food and soft drink and everyone is happy and coping....that is a day worth remembering and that is a day worth celebrating and i am very content and very happy!

so yes yesterday i turned can you believe that and of course my kids now consider me an "old fart" and i'm ok with that. i did get spoilt with pressies too. a canon ef 50mm f/1.8 II camera lens for my canon dslr, 100ml bottle of mariah carey luscious pink perfume, and a dining table and chairs.

because we rarely use our huge dining table and chairs and the fact that it takes up so much room in the dining area we decided to downsize and pick up a really nice 4 seater (big enough for 6 if needed) dining table and chairs and outdoor proof the larger one. once done it will look fantastic outside in the outdoor dining area and i can't wait to get everything done and sorted and really do up our dining area and kitchen nicely...oh and not too mention the eating area outdoors.

there is also some really exciting news i want to share with you but i am keeping that hush hush just for now. all i can say is i have been incredibly overwhelmed with the fact that i have been approached to take on this role and although it's somewhat daunting it's also an incredible opportunity and a once in a lifetime experience, but i've said too much already and before i give it all away i'll zip my lips and leave it till i can actually tell you all what it is.

so for now i'm done, yep another post, another update and another week that has flown by once again without it's difficulties but through it all there is a glimmer of hope and sometimes that glimmer is a little brighter. today that glimmer and that hope is brighter then it's been for sometime and i am very grateful for that!!!

hugs chris xoxo

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