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Wednesday, 11 August 2010


yes my blog has had an long last, finally and i'm loving it. they say change is as good as a holiday and well it was time for a bit of fiddling and plonking to get it all looking somewhat orderly and organised with a touch of digi goodness.

i find it really amazing at the moment that i seem to have a breath of fresh air since becoming president of bendigo autism asperger group and with it i feel not only a sense of well being and belonging but human again. for those of you who keep up to date with my blog and our day to day stuff i think you will fully appreciate and understand where i'm coming from. for a very long time it was simply a matter of surviving from moment to moment, day to day and most of the time pretty darn exhausted both mentally and physically but now i feel like i've managed to take a place in society again, a place in this human race of ours where i am learning to be me all over again......that in itself is very daunting, very overwhelming and quite a challenge when you've been falling deep into a huge bottomless pit unable to do anything about it but continue head first into nothing but emptiness and complete darkness. however for the first time in a very long time i see a glimmer of hope in me....something that has simply not been there for what feels like, seems like and has been forever.

it's not to say that things are really easy here because truthfully they are not but i'm managing and so is tim and that's what counts. there is still no sign of help for isaac within the school for an integration aide that he so desperately needs and yes he still only attends about 8 hours each week because he can't manage any further and i'm ok with that.

steph is in crisis mode with serious issues relating to bullying at school (she being the victim again) and so she is home from school because of that and has been in quite a state on and off since last week. the world can be a terribly cruel place for all of us, but imagine being autistic, dealing with depression and being visually impaired, struggling to fit into a place in society that so terribly taunts and throws curve balls at you constantly.....that has too be so tough.

grace has just had 8 teeth out (yesterday) under a general anesthetic and 4 of them were her impacting wisdom teeth. poor kid is sore, swollen and bruised, can barely talk, eat or drink, will have a few days off due to surgery and has stitches all in her mouth in 8 places....yikes and next is braces which they start to fit on the 17th with spacers (molds already done last week) and then I think the 24th is when she officially gets her braces on. i really feel for her at the moment.

lance....has been sick with the flu and out of action with righteous pups for the past week. and although well now simply didn't get their yesterday as grace and i spent the day up at hospital while she under went day surgery having all those teeth removed. he's missing it but will get right back into it come tomorrow.

me.....i've been flat out attending the 2 day victorian autism conference for 2010 here at the all seasons last thursday and friday. then sat was the monthly BAAG coffee morning, sunday my nana's 97th birthday, monday dealing with grace and surgery and still having to attend BAAG's monthly committee meeting which i chaired. today phone calls and emails and deciding to pretty much bite the bullet and work on my blog and i must say that although pretty tired i'm in good spirits.

i do have to say one thing though and just thank my hubby for being totally wonderful, dealing with all the home stuff while i've been busy and taking care of so much. he really is amazing and i am very blessed to have him and we have been through hell and back and next month we celebrate 24 years of marriage and i love him to bits.

anyhoo this was only meant to be one very quick but then the blog itself is titled chris's ramblings!!!
oki doki that's all folks so till next time, stay true to yourself and don't let anyone pull you down....they aren't worth it however you are worth so much more then that!!!

hugs chris xoxo

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How do I follow you?
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