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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Righteous Pups Australia

Although my son Lance rarely attends school (he is at NETschool a compromise to mainstream) last Wednesday Lance went to school for the 1st time this term and spent an hour there. You may all be is that all whereas I'm saying wow yes we managed 1 hour and it was a good hour. Anyway part of the terms "projects" is attending Righteous Pups Australia Thursday afternoons for 1 hour and building a relationship and training new puppies whom of course they raise, socialize and train Autism Assistance Dogs to do a variety of practical tasks for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families. Lance has been so excited about this for sometime and although I had to attend with him last week for the first session and will continue to do so, so long as Lance himself can manage it will be fantastic. I always knew Lance would shine here if only he could manage his anxieties....he did extremely well last week and of course we had already meet with one trainer and spoken to another on the phone prior to all this so everyone that needed to know was informed of Lance's own disabilities! Always a good move to make.

Unfortunately this week is somewhat different and we have had meltdown after meltdown most days because Lance's anxieties once again have got the better of him and they are out of control. No school again tomorrow and I am not so sure he will manage our 2nd week with Righteous Pups fact I am pretty certain he won't. I do believe my son needs to be back in hospital getting proper care and being made a little more stable yet again. It's tough being a mum, it's tougher when you have children with multiple disabilities and tougher still when they can't function in any capacity because of their disabilities. The worse thing is knowing my son is in so much mental anguish and pain and that I can't take that pain away from him no matter how much I wish I could. His pacing night after night for such long periods of time, his meltdowns time and time again and daily, his thoughts and feelings and where they sit at the moment and realistically knowing that anything at anytime could happen and we have to be watchful and he can't be on his's hard, it's horrible and it sucks for want of a better word or phrase and I feel so darn helpless.

Life for us is still so full on and intense, will only get worse as more services and people come in to help from different departments and with so much going on I wonder just how much longer I can keep running on empty before I crash and burn as well.

Ok 'nuf of that and now onto other things......I have scrapped for Bellascraps Magazine TM but of course they are for the next issue which is May/June and so can't show you and although I have also managed to scrap another LO I am still not sure if it's done so that will also have to and of course in my spare time late at night when many are in bed snoring and snoozing I am usually on my PC surfing the web or trying to scrap anything at all but as soon as I can I will post a LO or 2 for you.

Stephanie has been seeing her psychologist for the past 3 weeks now and that will be continuous now as well as her psychiatrist which at the moment appears to be monthly and I think we are making some small progress there. You could never ever imagine just how much "weight of the world" this kid carries on her shoulders and it's heartbreaking. Grace is struggling at the moment too and is actually sick with something...woke up this morning vomiting and has flu like symptoms so need to keep an eye on her as she has also been running on empty.

Then there is Maddi who goes for his 3rd lot of injections into his left eye tomorrow. Treatment seems to be working but the fact it needs to be continuous sucks too because without it his eye starts bleeding again. We have Vision Australia on board now and they are helping with what's needed although it is all still early days at the moment and of course he has come down with a cold and has not been in school this week so far.

Anyway I think I'll leave it there for now and get this posted before Blogger has it's outage and I can't do anything. Till next time take care and stay safe, hugs Chris xoxo


Toast Girl said...

OMG Chris, you are one amazing woman and Mum. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and just remember you are doing an amazing job, no matter how hard it all gets. Take care of you! Cass xox

Sharon said...

Chris, you poor darling...your life seems so hard right now and I feel for you. I am surprised you are still going, and not in a state of "crash and burn" yourself. Reading your post makes me realise how lucky I am, and how trivial my problems are. I will add you to my prayers. God bless, Sharon