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Sunday, 17 May 2009

My latest LO's....wanna see them?!

Of course you do what a silly question to ask. I have finally uploaded my latest 2 LO's over on Facebook and yet to pop them in all my galleries but here they are for you to enjoy on my blog.

So it's Sunday here and I am pottering about the place here and there. Already been to the supermarket to grab a few things....having potato soup for tea tonight and then yummy Sara Lee Chocolate Bavarian Desserts. The laundry has been done and I am seriously just filling in time so thought I'd take the opportunity to blog.

It has been an incredibly exhaustive week...but then when isn't it and I just wish things could slow down somewhat but it's not do you recharge when you are running on empty?!!! Thursday I kinda fell in a heap in tears just mentally and physically exhausted and the full realization of our son Lance's situation hit and hit hard. Trying to balance everything has become pretty much impossible and I just have to deal with each day as it comes and be mindful where I am in my own head space with it all.

This coming week is no better with appointments galore and also having to deal with some legal matters with our son in the way of guardianship, power of attorney for all his matters which Tim and I were requested about 5/6 weeks to start taking care of now. So that means once Lance turns 18 we will be able to deal with all his legal stuff and not himself as he is just not going to ever be capable of all that so we have all the information now which was sent last week and the forms and now to sit down with one another to sort through it. Thankfully we also have DHS (dept of human services) wanting to come on in and help us with that if and when we need it as well so that's good. More future planning...but tough!

Ok well must attend to this soup of and although I have more to blog about it will give me an excuse to do that within the next few days with it. I must update you all on our son Maddison and his eye situation.....something positive amongst all the negative there.

Until next post take care and stay safe...hugs Chris xoxo

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