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Friday, 1 May 2009


It's been awhile since I last blogged, I have plenty of excuses why but I won't bore you with those details tonight as I sit here typing away trying to update in any capacity. School holidays came and went as you know and we have been back in school for the past 2 weeks......well nearly all of us. Lance is on a downward spiral at the moment - his anxieties and obsessions have increased terribly and so we are trying to deal with that each day as best we can literally one moment at a time and therefore of course he hasn't been to school this term although he only goes for 1 hour a week he's simply not even managing that.

Maddison however has started back and did so last Thursday and has been doing half days to slowly get back into "the swing of things" and yesterday and today managed full days which is good. His treatment looks like it has worked in part although some days his eyesight seems blurrier than I like but all in all the drug being administered on a monthly basis seems to be making a positive statement and we just need to wait for a couple more weeks before we see the eye specialist again and he can let us know what's going on.

The girls seem ok at the moment....busy but managing with support and help. Stephanie was also referred to a child psychologist and well as a psychiatrist and last week was her 1st visit with the psychologist and we see him again this week. He can't believe the horror story we have been living for so long and is only too happy to be involved. I'm happy with that as well.

Tim and I are managing from moment to moment but must say we are both running on empty and I'm not so sure how to recharge to keep going. Awhile back the family were referred to Department If Human Services - Disability Services - Family Case Management Services (mouthful hey!) and that referral came through as of about 1 week ago and we had a first meeting with a new case manager on Tuesday who will help oversee all the supports etc that are needed to be put into place for Lance and the family. Our 1st planned meeting with this new case manager as well as Lance's CAMHS case manager will be on Tuesday where we start to work on and establish some planning in regards to the needs of Lance and the family and all long term as well.

I haven't done much in the way of scrapping.......I have finished a couple of LO's for BSM but I have to say it's been full on and I am struggling to stay afloat......I've been treading water for awhile and hopelessly run out of energy in every possible not a good sign! I don't get into any of the forums although I am on facebook to zone out and on there I feel I can catch up with lots of online buddies all in the one place rather then the forums so I'm trying!!!!

Not sure what else to say at this stage so I think for now I will leave it there and hope that the next update won't be too far away and that l'll have a couple of LO's I can share with you as well. Tell then take care and have a great weekend. Hugs Chris xoxo


Sharon said...

Oh Chris, you poor thing! Your life seems to be so difficult right now...I don't know how you manage to NOT crawl into a hole and hide!!! I guess you are just doing what most mum's would do for their kids, and that is being the best mum they can be. Hope you get some down time to rest and recharge soon.

PS I think its been even longer since I have updated my blog!!

Anonymous said...

Although I don't have to deal with as many things as you do, I had my fair share. Hope things slow down for us eh? XOXO, Nathalie

Ann-Marie said...

Heya Chris :) I am glad that the Department of Human Services-Disability Services-Family Case Management Services (Whoa I got it right!) have finally gotten to see you. I really hope they can arrange for some support etc for you all.
I hate to hear how deflated you are ... sending you some cyber energy ;) Take care and talk soon.