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Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Well mid week already and boy what a week!!!!!!!

Well here we are midweek already! I do believe the days go so quick and I don't know about anyone else but no sooner does the day start when the day is over and you look back on the day and say GOSH where did it go!!!!!

I know it has been awhile since blogs and all I got to say is it's been busy....physically to a point but mentally more so and there has been stuff happening here that I have had to sort through like good old centrelink once again with some stuff to do with this small home based business I closed on the 31st of January well about 2 weeks or so ago I realised I had not let centrelink know about it and rang them as I do from time to time as I have to and I got told I had to fill out forms etc because of it then I told the young fellow on the phone that I was not GST or BAS registered it was simply a hobby I turned into a business where no income was made yatta yatta yatta and he said ok no worries no need to fill the forms in I'll cancel them and you won't recieve them.......YEH RIGHT....2/3 days later what do I get from the postie but these forms that I was not suppose to fill out but with it came a letter saying this all needs to be done asap letting us know your income and your hubies income details.....loss and profit statements and BAS statements and all that goes with that.

Ok another phone call to Centrelink and of course a different person altogether and had to explain to them that I don't need to fill out these forms and the resons why. Well that is the understatement of the year she quite politely implied that I must fill out the forms as youmust have recieved some money in and I said nope no income and you already have all my statements that I gave to you in November last year...that didn't go down so well so then she said we need to see all your profit/loss statements and I said never had to have them as centrelink said nope no need at this stage wasn't earning anything so that was it.....after some time and trying to get through to her she said ok I'll have to get the Complex Assessment Team to look into this because you should have been doing it different all along and you haven't. It will take a few days and they will get in touch with you. I rang my accountant who let me know that what centrelink were after was not right and that they would write a letter explaning all the details etc etc.

Come the next evening I got this phone call from a lovely lady working at the centrelink office here in Bendigo telling me this girl was very wrong and that I was right in all I did and I don't have to fill in any forms and she would just take the business off my centrelink profile and that it has finished and that's it nothing more to do. I was so relieved as it had been an unnecessary stress nightmare and above all of that I had rang my accountant to tell them and of course they were annoyed and said I didn't need to do all the stuff they reckoned I did.
To top it all of the lady said the Complex Assessment Team are there for companies etc that close down with people they have employed etc. I was just a little home based business that tried to turn my hobby of scrapbooking into a business that was all no company nothing.

Anyway that has all been sorted out and I am at peace with it all so I am happy. Now don't get me wrong I am very greatful to Centrelink for all they do for us as we have the 4 kids and hubby is in Uni so without them and no income we would not survive...not that we are rolling around in riches at all but i am greatful for the money we get from them. The thing I find most difficult about having to deal with anyone there is that some of them simply get it wrong and no matter what you say they are right until they realise they made a mistake and that can be very very difficult to deal with.

So enough of that and now onto my next lot.....well got the external HDD back and it is working like a charm but guess what the internal has now fully run out I mean there is no free space left on the poor thing so I have ordered another HD and when it comes in they will simply remove the older smaller one and clone it to the bigger one and pop it back in and then hey presto I am all up and running without fear of my PC completely crashing. It is running very slow at the moment and no-one is allowed to access it 'cept me for fear of it completely crashing so once again I am on slow mode but hey whay can one do but the techs are great and will sort it out as soon as I get my new Internal HD.
So then after that I hope that's it for awhile with the PC and I can get on with life and nomajor interruptions.

Next up on the agenda I started designing my first digital kit 2 days ago and have created a few papers etc etc with some elements and I have sent that to a designer (Kate from DSH) to see what she thinks of it so far. I hope she is happy with it and that it's ok. I have been back and forth on whether or not I should design as I have been a little unsure and unclear if I am up to it as I am still learning all about it but I figure well give it a little go and take it from there even if I just send them to all me mates for awhile as freebies then it is a start and I can see whether my stuff is any good. So here is a sneak preview of what I have done anyway.

So that's the kit above and hope you like it too. Leave some comments about this I would only be too happy and ever greatful as well.

Ok ciao for now until next blog!!!!!


Kelley said...

How awesome that you are designing your own kits!!! WOOHOOOO!! It must be so exciting for you!!!
Dont let centrelink stress you - They really do suck sometimes!! LOL!!

fazzbech said...

You only have to hear the news every few months to realise how many stuff ups happen there, and HUGE ones too! But glad you got it all sorted. :)

The kit looks fab Chris, well done on your first one, look forward to many to come!

Heather said...

Wow!! You sure that's your FIRST kit design?? That is AMAZING!!!! So when do I get to play with it?? :D

Can't wait to see more fab designs from you!

Chris said...

Thanks girls yep this is my first kit Heather and I am just in the middle of working everything out with Kate to make sure we have the right sizes and file types etc etc before anyone gets to play with it. Want to make sure it is all "perfect" before we can let you play with it Heather. Thankyou so much on expressing your thoughts on this as it means a lot to me and gives me confidence to do more.

Thanks girls.

Lis said...

Oh Chris, what a nightmare with Centrelink!!!!
Great job on your first kit!!!

Zebette said...

Oh that's lovely.. it looks great, the colours are really good together.