Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, 27 March 2006

Thank Goodness!!!!

YAY!!!! The kids are back at school! Now don't get me wrong I love the school holidays but these ones were just to close to the xmas break we seem to have just had and boy as the kids get older they get so bored. So they are all back at school and today has been a little more peaceful.

Although another 2 hours and they will all be home again................

Ok so what's new.......not much although I did spend a fair bit of the weekend in bed due to migraines and they make me sick so bed was the place for me.
The new site over at "scrap'nchat" is great and buzzing with a hive of activity so that is really good and it is going strong and alot of members from DSH are heading over there.

Today I have been simply catching up although it is going to take forever to do as I have so many emails I haven't looked at but I'll get there.

I would like to work on the kit I have been working on a little today so may do so when I am finished here and then may look at doing some scrapbooking as well. I have a few cards to do too as it is my DD Stephanies birthday on Friday and she will be 12 and can't wait to get some photos and scrap them.

I can't believe she is going to be 12 gosh they sure grow up ever so quickly. Anyway will certainly post photos and LO's of her here.

Ok that's it from me for now so ciao for now!!!

I am so glad I started my own blog and I must get a groovy title/banner as well going....oh well there are more days after today and my list of to do's is growing longer and longer each day!!!!!


Bonnie said...

Yahoo... am with you there on school going back.... :)

sorry to hear you had migrains... oh they are just horrible.. i get them as well and when they hit.. ouch.. just doesn't cover it..

Heather said...

the kids sure to grow up fast! can't wait to see photos and layouts!! :)