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Wednesday, 15 March 2006

No I haven't been

Well I thought it was time to pop on in here and update this old blog of mine....hehehehehe

I haven't been hiding but my own computer has been in the shop getting fixed since last Thursday and I still haven't heard from them even though they said they would try to get it sorted out that afternoon so I wait and wait some more.

Let me tell you my little story........
I was working on my 2nd kit, called English Country Garden, see I had already named it......which was just gorgez and had saved some papers to come back to them the next day. The next day I create 6 more beautifully designed papers to put with the 6 already done and everything was perfect simply perfect!!!!!!

Then it happened trying to save the papers as one does when one is finished the PC froze and I mean froze......I left it all night just to see if time would unfreeze it but no not at all so I lost 6 most beautiful papers. Thankfully I had written my colours and my other info down as I do when creating and it will not take me too long to get them up and going again when I get my baby back.

But all those hours of hard work was lost and as much as I was sadly dissappointed there was nothing I could do but turn the PC off and ring the computer shop straight away asking if the 200G internal HD that I had ordered some 2 weeks prior was finally in. nope it wasn't but they had a 160G in so I said right I'll bring my computer in now and can you just sort all that out for me asap. they said they would do it that afternoon and I am still waiting. I know they get busy and they always say at least 7-10 days so I am patiently waiting as I do best.

The kit I am working on is just adorable and it is so amazing that once you have the basic knowledge you then just extend on that learning as you go along.
12 papers are in this one and then I wish to add a few ribbons, some elements in the way of flowers etc etc and perhaps even an alpha for this one. So I can't wait to get my computer back to get stuck into doing what I lost again and adding to it.

As I already mentioned the kit does have a name
"English Country Garden"!!!!! Suits it to a T!!!!!!

Ok on to the next topic my son Lance needs an operation on his toe. Last year in school he had an accident where he was helping to set up the gym equipment.......those horse block things we all had to jump over once in our own and we all know how heavy they are as well.

So anyway this day Lance was doing just that when along came somewhere whilst he was picking up this horse block and jumped straight onto it.....with lances foot still underneath it. phone call from the school, rush up to hospital, xrayed, metal splint on it as they thought it was broken although at the time they said they couldn't see a break because of the mess in and out of his toe there was so much blood underneath the nail and the whole thing was a mess. Doctor said looks like it's broken, it's a mess and he will lose the nail but it will take ages for it too heal. A couple of days later they xrayed it again and said no breaks thank goodness.

Anyway part of the nail that was a mess fell off finally and over the xmas holidays the new started growing.....right into the flesh of his toe. So it has got so bad a month ago we took him off to the doctors as it was so messy and it had an infection in it 2 lots of antibiotics, another trip to the doctors last week and now he needs to see surgeon and so we wait as he will have to go through the public system. I hope we find something out soon as he is so limited in what he can do now and he can barely walk on it.

School holidays is once more upon us as the commonweath games are being held here in Victoria. As wonderful as they are it has disrupted the school term in a fairly big way so the teachers say and fair enough too as not only are they on holidays now for 2 weeks but once they are over they go back to school for a couple of weeks or so and then easter is upon us and they have the easter break off as well so little schooling these next few weeks and lots of holidays. then to top it all off it is just Victoria who are like this and not the rest of the country.

Anyway I think I will finish up for now and go make a cuppa. Might also ring the computer shop and just see if my computer is ready you never know I might just be lucky.....hehehehehehe......then if it is it will be head down and bottom up working and working some more and can you imagine all the emails I'll have. I get so many on a daily basis anyway I am going to have hundreds to check and and sort

Ciao for now and until next time smile!!!!!!
(it's contagious)



katef said...

oooooooooh ouch on the toe... made me wince just eading it!!! Poor guy! And gotta laugh that you haev named your kit before you have even finished.... I can't even name mine when they are done! I guess you'll now learn the cardinal rule.. SAVE AS YOU GO! he he he bugger that you had to learn it the hard way.

Chris said...

silly me hey and the funny thing about it Kate I know that I know it well just got carried away with each page as it came along and well as they say the rest is yep learnt the hard way. OUCH!!!!!!

Chris said...
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fazzbech said...

So that's where you were hiding! And re. the papers, the good thing is, you'll never do it again!

Lis said...

Hope all your computer problems are sorted now's horrible not having it, hey!!!
Hope Lance's foot is all better too!

Heather said...

Oh noo!! Sorry to hear you lost all your hardwork!! Can't wait to see your work! :)