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Wednesday, 29 March 2006

It's party time YAY!!!!

Well not yet but in 2 more sleeps it will be as my DD Stephanie turns 12......and would you also believe that our cat Ragamuffin shares the same birthday with Stephanie and he turns although he is not having a sleepover with his best mates!

So Stephanie wanted her 2 best buddies to sleepover and that's ok.....take away (pizza Steps has requested) and DVD's as well and lots of party food and drink and I guess a lack of sleep as well that simply goes hand in hand when one has a birthday and a sleepover.

Ok so far here is a view of the invitations I made. Only had to do 2 ......hehehehehe.....but here is what they look like.

This of course is Laura's and the other invite which is exactly the same but just a different name is Nicoles. Not bad hey!!!!

Ok the next thing I did so far is make her birthday card although she has not seen it yet so SssssHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for 2 more days ok!!! Here it is a preview of what card she will be getting. Not bad either hey even if I do say so and I do!!!!

Ok so stay tuned for whatever else may just happen to pop on here in celebration of Steps 12th birthday.

Ciao for now


katef said...

Oh the invotes and card look awesome! As does the new blog look!

Heather said...

WOW!! Those cards are AWESOME!!!!

_Dee_ said...

Gorgeous!! WEll done :D :D

How exciting a 12yr old birthday party :D