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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

way too long..............

whoa.....stop the press....i'm blogging! yes indeed it has been way too long since i've updated my blog and actually felt like i've had the ability to function in any sort of "normal" (lol) capacity. honestly i feel like i've left the planet, entered a parallel universe and hovered above anything remotely normal to life as we know it in this universe and for now.....i'm just hanging on the edge of space lost deep in a black hole. but on a more serious side note.....i've been busy as usual dealing with everyday happenings here, the multitude of appointments, meetings and assessments and trying to stay sane in a world where life for us in the turnbull household is considered anything but "normal", "sane" or even remotely close to "sanely normal"!!!!

ok so the last of assessments for isaac and steph were done today.....hearing assessments and both have perfectly normal hearing and of course i already knew that and so honestly it's a waste of money we don't have but the stupid thing about it we need it to complete everything so we can try and apply for funding for either of them through school but i can guarantee you that having all these assessments and diagnoses count for nothing and although the hearing test was the last of them.....i'm fairly sure the kids will not fit criteria and therefore will not receive any funding whatsoever for next year. if they do i might just die of a miracle.

steph turned 16....yep awhole 16 years of age on the 31st of march and since then centrelink lost most of her paperwork so we could apply for youth allowance and so it took 3 visits and 2.5 lots of ID to prove who she was so we could apply for youth allowance again and on top of that it didn't matter that we had also supplied more documentation and medical reports and ID for other things because of her disability.....ahhhh honestly you just have to laugh and seriously one doesn't need the added stresses in life but the good news's all been sorted now and the proof is in the mail received today!

i put a wish list on facebook today....nothing that in a normal universe and a normal life actually isn't all that hard nor impossible......only problem is i'm not in one of them normal anything's so although i am dead set serious about my wish can only pray for and hope in a miracle!!!!!

one said wishlist posted via facebook status updates...........................................

really hoping that this is possible.....1 night a week digital scrapping, 1 night a week paper scrapping and 1 day/night a week photography < ultimate wishlist!!! One can only hope hey!!!!!
yep i do believe in miracles!!!!

short and sweet, until next time ciao for now, hugs chris xoxo



Janie said...

Touching base, Chris, always thinking of you and your family :)

Jewel said...

Hi Chris, Janie sent me along your way - I have a son on the spectrum and have been really struggling a lot lately. I could have written some of what you post word for word. I guess we just keep on keeping on.

I started a new blog to share some thoughts since it didn't really seem appropriate for my design blog. If you are interested to swing by one day, here it is (its very new - just 2 posts so far - but will grow):