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Monday, 27 October 2008

Life in the fast lane!

Isn't he absolutely gorgeous? Yep thats my great nephew Tyson in the LO above and at only 14 months old he is just the cutest and most adorablest. Of course had to scrap and now it's ready to be printed and given to my niece as a gift.
As for life in the fast lane................well that's kinda where I feel I'm at these days. My days are full and my mind is even room left in there to fit anything!

The past couple of weeks has seen our son Lance in an extremely severe mental state that has a whole team helping him with his extreme depression and panic disorder. He needs to be in hospital but here where we live there are no adolescent units and so everyday they try to get him in the adult unit but everyday there is no know the hospital system really stinks.

So with the help of psychiatric professionals, his case manager, carer's support and every other government department involved we continue to do the best we can with his medication and monitoring him at home....not an easy thing for any family to have to deal with but that's the only option we have. We have been up to hospital twice in the past week attending to both his psychiatric and medical needs and he is on clinical alert because he is so unstable.

It's almost a month (tomorrow Oct 6th) since dad died and I still can't believe it. Every time I go too mum's I simply expect dad to walk in from the backyard or in from the letterbox and for him to say g'day Chris and sit in his chair in the lounge......and every time I go I realise it isn't going to happen......he's gone and that's pretty hard to deal with alot of the time.

My parents were both full time carers for my grandmother who is 95 and has dementia, since dad's passing her dementia has taken a serious dive for the worse and although we knew this was happening, it's just another huge bump in the road we are traveling and I would like to take a new route personally but this is reality and that's not possible. Still dealing with the grief of losing dad mum is sole carer for nana now with our help and things are bad. As much as I can, I do what I can for both of them and on Sunday nana had a fairly serious fall at home and although no broken bones there is some damage to her spine but operating on it would put her at serious risk and I don't think we could handle that reality after just losing dad. She is in hospital but last night she had an even more serious fall and somehow managed to climb out over the bed rails that keep her in and with the bed up so high she fell over the rails onto the floor, 2 black eyes and a seriously huge cut across her forehead requiring alot of stitches is the result. It is so full on for us at the moment and my poor mother who is 72 is exhausted....yep just like the rest of us.

In the past month alone I have had 24 appointments and that does not include the time spent in hospital, dealing with dads passing, funeral arrangements, the recent time spent with Lance in the emergency department over this past week and now nana in hospital as a patient, or the phone calls that take just as long as appointments and of course helping mum in anyway I can.
Welcome to my world and I need a clone!!!!!!!!!

So please understand the lack of scrapping as it just isn't happening and please understand the lack of blogging....just don't get as much time to do both these days and things aren't looking like they will improve any time soon.

On a more positive note though I have a table full of paper scrapping goodies and I am very slowly putting an 8x8 album together for Steps for Christmas. It is something that is taking ages and I usually work on it when Lance is on my pc and he is settled both mentally and physically which only happens occasionally or very late at night/early morning when he is finally asleep and the house is quiet.
I had all these plans this Christmas with gift making and card making and all that goes with the festive season and not any of it is going to be possible....but I guess there's always next year.......I hope because I just love the Christmas Season!

To my dearest friend Tara....know that I'm thinking of you and the difficulties you are enduring at this time. To the rest of you hugs and God Bless all of you.
Till next blogging stay safe, take care and huge hugs!

P.S. I'd love you all to pop in and say hi on my blog....I miss you all! xoxo

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