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Friday, 17 October 2008

Back to some sort of normality!

We are trying to get back to some sort of normality here in the Turnbull household since my father (the kids grandad) passed away on the 6th of October. His funeral was held last Friday on the 10th and it was such a beautiful service but it is so hard to get my head around that dad is actually gone and I feel I haven't had a chance to catch my breath since it all happened as I have been so busy.

This week alone I have had 5 appointments and they are all just for Lance. I am looking forward to having some time out this coming weekend to spend some time in my garden and some time in reflection. As for scrapping well I'm sure when life's busyness slows down a little I might just find time for that.

But I can tell you about a new digi shop and site called La-Di-Da Studios home to a couple of pretty awesome designers and check out some of the gorgeous goodies they have.

First up if you spend $12 or more in the shop you can get this massive mega kit for that is one awesome special.

Next we have one for all those mums that have gorgeous pregnant belly photos in need of some scrapping. This Belly Pop Pregnancy Collab kit by Faith True and Tara Dunstan is awesome.

I'm off to get myself ready and get organised. Lance has a paediatricians appointment today and that will be very interesting as there has been alot of background work done behind the scenes with the team helping Lance and his official diagnosis is now complete. With his recent diagnosis of Autism some 3 months ago we knew there was more to it then that and as of last week with the latest official medical report from his paediatrician, psychologist and psychiatrist he also has a panic/anxiety disorder and presumed coronary heart spasm. That part is all official and all complete.

We are now also having to look into Epilepsy because of the recent seizures which the results of the EEG coming back clear but his paediatrician said as good as that is it has not ruled out epilepsy so just another thing to deal with for Lance as 30% of autistic people also end up with epilepsy. All I can say is what an awful lot for one kid to have to deal with but we are there helping him in every aspect and there is finally a whole team working with us as well. It has taken a very very long time to get this far and the entire family need every bit of support and help we can get.

Maddison recently had his eyes checked and he is now having to wear bifocals because his close up sight had changed but not distance. We were looking at getting him graduating or progressive lenses but his eyes are so bad that the thought was if we did try them it would only distort his peripheral vision so badly which he needs. He is slowly adjusting to them as we only got them Monday but they look awesome anyway as he has new frames which are nice black trendy ones and look fab on him. I will however endeavour to try and take a photo of him so you can all see just how cool they really look.

Tim and the girls are doing fairly well and we just take each day at a time....that's pretty much all one can do anyhow. So on that note I'll love ya and leave ya and until next blogging take care, stay safe and ciao. Hugs Chris xoxo


Amandac said...

Hey Chris I just wanted to stop by and leave you a big squeezy hug {{{HUG}}}. You are having a real rotten time at the moment hun and I guess I just wanted to say Hi! I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. Take care of yourself :)

Trish said...

It's great that your getting back to some sort of normality :)Sounds like your really going through it though! All you really can do is keep on trecking though isn't it?
Gardening is not my strong point, I try, I really really try and things actually live for me now but they don't bloom or grow like they should grrrrrrr

Hugs girl

sharon dale said...

Oh Chris, I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your Dad. How tragic to happen so fast. There is never enough time in our lives to do all the things we want to is there. I hope you and your family are all okay but you've got so many other things that you need to focus on at the same time. Thinking of you and a big hug too. :)