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Sunday, 10 June 2007


I have a creative team but I am going to leave telling you who is on my CT for a few more days yet just so we can settle into it all. I was so overwhelmed with the amount of applications I recieved and I would just like to take this moment to say thankyou to each and everyone of you. Selecting a team from so many awesome scrappers is no easy feat and it was the most difficult thing I have had to do. Congratulations to those that made it and sorry to those that didn't. The talent in this digi world is amazing and if it were possible I would have put so many more on but it isn't and I thankyou again for applying.

Well I have to admit that I have actually been without my baby...yes I have been without my computer for 2 weeks now....grrrrrr! A fortnight ago the sound went on it and we thought that it had just been muted...but nope, then we thought the sticky keys had been turned on as the pc was beeping at me from time to time internally....but nope so after sitting up till 3am...yes I did trying to work out what was going on. I realised that it was a little more serious then first thought so first thing Monday morning it went into one of our major local computer fixer uperer places and although they were meant to work on it sooner than they did they managed to get to it the next Friday only to find that windows somehow managed to become corrupt and that alot of important files had already disappeared. So I had to take it home and back up the computer so they could reformat it Monday. Thankfully most of it was done before it went in so I jsut had to back up a couple more things then took it back Monday and they did reformat it but upon restarting it was only starting intermittedly and then turning itself off. They took everything out and put it all back but nope no go. So after looking to see what was going on they managed to find that the mother board and processors had a few bubbles on it somewhere and that stuff was leaking....never a good sign and it only comes through age. I guess the 4 years it was doing so well for had finally decided it was time to not continue in it's happy place. So instead of getting my old computer upgraded I am getting a brand spanking new one.
Here are the specs:

1 CORE 2 DUO E6420 2.13/4M
1 GIG 7300GS 256MB PCIE

...and on top of that I still have my 160 gig HD that was put in last year, original 40 gig HD and my 250 gig EHD. Should be enough don't ya So they managed to get most of it together on Friday but ran out of time to finish it and seeing as it is the long weekend here I get to pick it up on Tuesday...yay and then I get to re-install everything. What fun. So thankfully hubbies laptop has been my lifesaver although not powerful enough to put PSCS2 on and design....keeping up with emails and the basics. I can't wait ti get back into designing and boy have I missed it.

News on kids...well Stephanie is still struggling with glandular fever although she is so much better than when first diagnosed and is managing the best she can. I think Grace may now have it as she has been sick for the past 2 weeks and it all just looks suspiciously like it. Lance got into the pediatriacian a month earlier than expected so we were there Friday and with a thorough check up he thinks it is unlikely it is Lance's heart (although hasn't ruled it out) and it may be his chest wall that is inflammed causing all the pain and probs with breathing. So for the next 2 weeks he is to have nurofen...1 tablet in the morning and 1 at night and keep a diary of when he gets the pain etc etc. Then the next 2 weeks no nurofen and still keep the diary and see if there is any difference. It's going to be a long diagnosis I think. But it is good news that he doesn't think it is the heart although this chest inflammation is a disease and I can't remember what he called it. So long as we get an answer and it can be fixed I am happy.

Well I think that is it for feels like it has been a long long day and I am ready for a cup of tea. Anyone care to join me.

Night all, stay safe and take care.

Chris :)


Sharon said...

I'll join you.... a little blog my thats big!!! Cant wait to see who else is on your team :)

Chris said...

LOL Sharon you gotta love yeh I figured it was a little longer than a little blog...hehehehe

Janie said...

Oh boy and what is a long post then? Glad to hear your 'puter will be home soon. Sending healing vibes for you children.

ksharonk said...

YAY! A new computer ... now, that's going to make designing so much more fun! congrats! :)