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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

In between posts.....

Thought it was time to simply pop in and post in between posts....huh! Yeh well kinda like a Claytons post.....the post you have when you're not really posting....hehehehe. So considering this is a post that you're not really reading I can put anything here.

What's new in my little corner of the vineyard.....yes I have a new computer and I love it...but you already knew that. Ummmm....what else we have all been sick here with the dreaded winter lurgies. Yep seems like life didn't think we had enough challenges thrown upon us lately so we've all had the flu of some sort and it certainly has knocked me. I thought I was over it but seems like it loves me a little too much and I just can't get rid of it fully although I am so much better it is just a little clingy and won't leave me.

News on Lance......there is no news since the last time I blogged on that.....scroll down to Sunday, June 10, 2007 post to read on his latest and apart from that the diary stuff is still happening, the pains are still continuing but he is not allowing it to stop him from doing things which in some ways is scary but it is good to see him back to doing what he does although taking more care.

Designing.....I have a couple of new paper packs ready to be released but no sneaky peeky at this stage...but don't worry hopefully they'll be in the shop by Friday arvo at the latest and then I'll pop them on my blog with links to my shop. I also have another set of elements in my Old Box Creations line out next week ...some yummy material flowers and I'm working on some more elements as well. So life is busy. I have more CT layouts to pop on here but I think I will leave that until tonight or tomorrow and show them off all by themselves.

Sorry to all my blogging buddies for not blog hopping lately I'm planning to catch up soon and read out on all that I have missed.

Freebies.....yep I think I'm due to release a little freebie soon so stay tuned for that over the next few days. With not having a computer for just a little over 2 weeks and then being sick and having my family sick as has just got a little busier than usual and I'm a little behind on things.

Blog loving....I would love it if you are lurking to show me a little loving. I love to read your posts.....makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Well 'nuf from me for today so until next blogging...take care, stay safe and for those of us here freezing, rug up and keep warm.

Ciao....Chris xx


fazzbech said...

Sorry to hear you've all been sick, but I guess it's the season for it. Look forward to seeing your new designs, and glad you're loving the new puter!

_Dee_ said...

Bleh to the sickness :( Hope it beats a hasty retreat soon.

New computer must be blissful :) I"m still loving my Betty!

Anonymous said...

I lurk here whenever you post--gotcha on Bloglines. Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope that changes soon. Marci

Janie said...

Guilty too, often blogger just won't let me leave a post. So sending you some ~~~~~>>WARM FUZZIES. Hope you got 'em.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

*hugs* Chris! get well soon :)