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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

it's been a very long time...

it has been a very long time since using this blog to post about life, love and all things i tend to ramble on about. i decided to stop using this blog sometime ago last year and start one on a photography website however things have changed for me and i'm going to start afresh with this blog and update as often as i can.

so sit back and enjoy...

a lot has happened in the last 18 months or so and in fact life has been quite a roller coaster. kids are growing up and our youngest is now 18, and we've suffered great loss in our family and are still very much dealing with all that comes with loss and grief.

may 29th 2012 on my 45th birthday my dear sweet grandmother passed away from complications with bronchial pneumonia and as you can well imagine...that was quite a difficult time.

november 29th 2012, we lost our first grandchild through miscarriage which impacted on all of us including my dear sweet girl steph. that was an emotional time for all and ainsley raye will be forever in our hearts and forever part of our lives.

january 20th 2013, my nephew jason parsell passed away after suffering a short but hard battle with terminal cancer. this shocked us all as you can imagine. jason was only 25 years of age, the twin brother to matthew, brother to tony and rebecca, much loved uncle, son, partner and father to little madison.

tim and i separated after being together for 28 years and married for 27. this was not a mutual agreement as tim moved out of the marital home and life has been very difficult for the kids and i since this all took place. i won't go into details here as i don't wish to publicise what has taken place or the reasons behind but as i know people ask, it is easier to post a little something on my relationship status and where life has taken us over the past 18 months. i must say the shock of our marriage break up hit hard and we are still very much in recovery mode...which like any loss will take time to stand on solid ground once more.

life sure has a funny and odd way of throwing situations your way that you never ever thought were possible but here we are october 2013 and life has certainly thrown some pretty doozy curve balls our way. we may not always handle change the way we would like...some things are pretty intense but still with love and support we do the best we can to manage and handle the impact and all we can do is work out how to move forward and how to deal with some of the most challenging situations set right before us.

i thought i would also start uploading my photography images to this blog now too...there are plenty of them and it's kinda nice to have a new place, even if it has been rehashed, to proudly show my work.

anyway tonight is a short but fairly heavy post so keep coming back and enjoy the posts. i can't guarantee that i'll post every day, however, i hope to blog a couple of times a week at least.

i'll leave you with a quote i put together a little while ago when things were pretty tough...we could all do with being reminded about this...take care, chris xxx

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