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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New Beginning - Edeline Marta Designs

New Beginning - Edeline Marta Designs
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i just love this kit from edeline marta designs. it's her newest and latest kit and was so easy to work with. the kit preview is clickable and linked to edeline's store if you wish to look at it a little closer. yep and i and love the way the LO turned out. that's DD grace and she turned 17 on the 23rd of Dec....just 2 days before christmas. my oh my how time flies and before you know it you are no longer dealing with children but young adults...hummmm makes me realise i'm getting older to. ;)

how was your christmas and new year? ours didn't quite go to plan like i expected..... i woke up pretty sick christmas day morning about 5 and ended up unable to get out of bed because i had a serious stomach ache, fever etc and spent the next 2.5 days in bed. i have never ever been sick on christmas day nor have i ever missed the day. the virus also got into my back and caused some major problems there with my degenerative disc and caused a disc bulge and i've been having trouble ever since. thankfully i had prepared the food the day before and at least tim and the kids were able to celebrate christmas even if it was without me :(

new year was quiet, just tim, i and the kids watching the fireworks on tv. but it was nice to not have to deal with the busyness and social side of things that people normally do because that meant our kids would not have coped as well.

anyhoo just a little blog update for you this time and i wish you all the very best for 2010. i know that it's time things were more positive for us....we've dealt with more then anyone could possibly wish on their worst enemy and i know our journey will be tough but it's time that we had it better then we have so i am trying to be as optimistic as i can and be thankful to God for getting us as far as we have got, still intact, still together and somewhat a little till next we meet, ciao and happy new year my friends. xoxo

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