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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

melody in love - edeline marta designs

yep this photo is of my almost 16 year old daughter stephanie just randomly doing what she randomly does, which on this particular day (my daughter grace's 17th) was not awhole

melody in love - edeline marta designs
fonts - bleeding cowboys and papyrus

so it's time to "show off" the latest release from edeline marta designs and my LO i created with the goodies. i love the photo of steph as well....she's such a dag but very photogenic.

we got some good news was steph and maddi's 6 weekly usual review with the eye specialist and although there are always going to be concerns there with the amount of fluid leaking from each retina of both kids eyes as well as the best's vitelliform dystrophy lesions neither child needed injections and the specialist thought it was time to "wing it" and see how we go for 2 months and of course if either child noticed any changes to come in sooner and see what's going on. we were also given some other good news but i can't mention that yet because it hasn't been released by the press/media so my lips are sealed. oh and both kids are now case studies with the family history and their case has indeed been taught to up and coming students....of course their names are not mentioned but i'm still cool with that.

anyway as much as there is so much to say i'm going to leave it there for now and sign out....tomorrows a busy day appointment with lance's case manager/planner from golden city support services and also his support worker from dhs are on the cards first thing then his support worker is out here to help tim and i set up routines, structures, weekly and daily diaries that is so desperate but i can't do it solely so it will be a full day of brainstorming, planning etc not only for lance's sake but for maddi and steph as they are both autistic as well and the rest of us.....yep grace and tim and i...huge thing but absolutely needed.

anyhoo that's it from me for tonight....take care and hugs, ciao xoxo

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