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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Random Acts of Kindness and a New Layout!

Be Bold - Edeline Marta Design
Stitches and Lace - All You Need Is Love - Natali Design
Funky B&W Photo Action - Annie Manning - Paint The Moon
Meshy Brushy - Emily Merritt Design
Font - Stamp

Yes this is my latest LO created using some very yummy goodies. Now there are 2 people I would truly like to say thanks to for the RAK (Random Act of Kindness) I have received of late. Rita from Chantilly Lace who sent me a GC (gift certificate) for some of her beautiful goodies in store I could not resist and also to Edeline from Edeline Marta Design who randomly asked if I wanted to work with any of her kits whenever and of course how does one resist yet again so of course I said yes.

Thankyou so much girls I hope you both know what it means to me with what you've's been so tough for what seems like ages here in the Turnbull family and I have felt so overwhelmed with it all and although things do not look like they will slow down anytime soon.....these RAK's are truly incredible and what keeps you going as a human in some form so girls hugs to you both. xx

There is so much to blog about and let all my readers know with the recent Turnbull saga's but at the moment I am not feeling so motivated to do so....sad I know but I will when I feel I'm in the right mental space. Today although it's Saturday, feels weird, kinda one of those blah days that you feel going back to bed would make things but no instead I will avoid that and plod along. Yes it's a dreary wet and cold winter's day here once more and the sun hasn't shone much in the past 13 days but still I prefer it to the hot sunny weather we get her in Australia which seems extreme.

Till next blog take care and stay safe. Chris xoxo

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Baby said...

awww its gorgeous sweetie..
thank you for blogging the LO