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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

life as we know it...

it has been a completely hectic and busy time for us here in the turnbull household and so too keep up sometimes i need to take a step back so i personally can continue. no i'm not really any super mom or wife or person, i'm just me doing the best i can within the limited confines and circumstances i find myself to be in. 

last time i blogged i was heading to the kids market central vic with my very first stall. how did i go? well for me it was about displaying my work...yes my photography in all it's art form and letting families know i'm out there. time will tell with how i have gone as i had a special for the day for those that came and took a flyer and booked in a session for the month of september and october. no bookings on the day and we're only just heading towards the start of september now. however it was truly wonderful to network with other businesses and feel the vibes of the day. there was certainly alot of interest in my work and both flyers and business cards went out the door.

this past saturday and sunday i worked...oh no i didn't work i yes i had 2 photo sessions. one photo session was a young boy out on their family farm just out of town (about 30 mins) and the other a local family i've now known for awhile. so i'm busy editing clients images as i blog (taking a break) and although the *sneak peek* for both families are now done and uploaded to my facebook page here at chris turnbull photography i'm yet to finish each gallery for previewing although working on it.

and with that thought in mind...i'll love ya and leave ya with a little glimpse into each photo session from the weekend.

photo session from saturday out on the family farm of young callum with his dog tess who gave birth to 14 puppies about 1.5 weeks ago with 1 dying and 13 healthy puppies doing well. of course one of the roosters from the farm was on show as well strutting his stuff.

little sneak peek of the family photo session from sunday. all brothers with 2 of them on the autism spectrum. top photo is young rhylan who has autism, middle photo is logan who is neurotypical and then the last photo is of bryson who has asperger's syndrome.

remember if you're looking for quality and affordable photo sessions and packages within the city of greater bendigo area (although will also now travel outside of town (within reason) for photo shoots) contact me. i can also (but not solely) cater and accommodate for families who have children and loved ones with additional and special needs such as autism spectrum disorders etc.

hugs chris xoxo


Tired Mom said...

Beautiful photos! Too bad you're in Australia or I'd hire you right now!

Chris said...

thanks so much...yes there seems to be quite a few families overseas that would like to hire me...sad we're so far apart.