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Sunday, 20 September 2009

happy 14th birthday maddison!

yes huge happy birthday wishes to our son maddison who actually turned 14 yesterday. ahhhhh a mother's quilt for not being able to blog earlier and wish him an awesome day on his actual birthday, although very much done in real life just not in bloggin' life, but stuff happens and no matter how well you try things just don't happen the way one would wish. another quiet birthday celebration and here at home. he was happy as he got an xbox game he wanted amongst other things but as soon as he saw it that was it.....he hid in his room playing it until he reached all levels in the ability he was playing in and then came out for tea...his choice and his fave....lamb souvlaki's with garlic sauce and a boston mud cake from our local cheescake shop. he had also asked if i could hire out saving private ryan for a week and he sat and watched that this morning with tim and i think the plan is to watch it everyday. i will have to purchase this one for him so he has it on hand when he wants to watch.

as you can see maddison has a passion... a very serious one just like most kids with asperger's syndrome do....he has always loved anything military/army/war related for as long as i can remember and simply managed to bring everything into it that somehow reflects his passion. he knows so much about his passion that even i find it incredibly amazing and never tire of it although he chooses many times not to talk (selective mutism) when he does he knows his stuff and i am once again gobsmacked by his knowledge and in particular all things WW2.

his latest mission in regards to his passion is the xbox games he plays that revolve around war and at the moment even that has to be WW2. the game he wanted for his birthday was IL 2 sturmovik - birds of prey as seen below although the rating on this is very different here in australia then what you see on the left corner which is 7+.

i have no idea how many games maddi now has for the xbox but it's getting to be quite a few....doesn't help when he passes the levels in one night then goes up an ability then passes the levels in one night and so on and so on. thankfully these games can be played online.

of course he also got a couple of t-shirts that are needed as the warmer weather starts...he has got taller, now towers over stephanie his older sister and has lost soooo much weight that where only 6 months ago i was struggling to buy anything to fit him in the large men sizing he is now into small mens. new wallet (army camouflage material), some cash and a new book - aircraft of ww2 by robert jackson which maddi just loves and another to add to his collection.

anyhoo that's it now until grace's birthday just 2 days before christmas and would you believe she's turning i'm still getting use to the fact that she is oh and did i tell you that she got her learner's permit for driving about 3 weeks ago now and is well on her way to gain her 120 hours of driving experience required and logged for when she turns 18 and can officially go for her p's.

life is full on still as usual but the good thing is we officially start school holidays tomorrow for 2 weeks and although we still have appointments and stuff like that at least the school runs for 2 weeks won't be necessary and so sleep in's and scrapping here i come.....well that's my hope and

ok that's it for another post....i so want to revamp this blog of mine....keep window shopping for new blog packages but just don't have the time to do anything at the moment. anyway it will happen....just like christmas which we are certain just think christmas will happen sooner. :)
outta here for now so till next we meet again take care and stay safe.....hugs chris xoxo

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