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Friday, 2 January 2009

HaPpY NeW yEaR!!!!

I know I am a little late but I would love to wish everyone a most wonderful and Happy New Year for 2009. I hope that for everyone out there in this huge world of ours that 2009 is a great year full of happiness and joy, full of blessings and all good things.

Some news to dear grandmother Charlotte is finally in a nursing home here not too far from where I live and she was moved with me in tow on New Years Eve morning, yep the 31st of Dec 2008. It is such great news and all the hard work of looking at homes, paperwork and all that goes with it had finally resulted in her placement and must I say one of the homes that I was very impressed with so that's even better news. I stayed most of the day with her on Wednesday, unpacked her small amount of goodies, washed more like mad, packed, unpacked, signed papers, sent papers to mum, got to know oodles of staff, managed to get her to eat half a meal and slowly but surely everyday since....spoil her in anyway I can.

She has a favourite blanket and unfortunately the first night spent in her new bed, in her new home was spent without it but it so needed a wash and was my only opportunity to do so, so that and her teddy bear fluffy came home and bathed well. I also purchased a nice new "favourite" blanket in brown (other is pink) and that way she has the 2 but when one needs washing the other will keep her nice and warm.

I was however promptly told yesterday when I visited and meet with more staff that I was not allowed to come in that was from nanna of course as she told me I had to spend time with my family so instead of going in today I bought her her new blanket and a beautiful embroidered tissue holder and I'll take them in to her tomorrow and see how she's doing. She shares a room with one other dear sweet lady and I think that will do her the world of good having a little company in the room.

I've also started personalising her room with a scrapbooked frame of photos of her and grandad I did a few years back now and another gift I made her some time ago that is simply a beautiful poem about Grandmother's Talents. Little bit by little bit she will feel wonderfully at home in her new home and be taken care of as she ought to and not as she has been. You can tell I love her to bits hey??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway life is puddling along, Lance is doing well although we had a little incident last night we managed to get through it without too much difficulty and everyone is just loving the XBOX, PS2, and Wii even I am playing the Wii and I have created a little Mii and love my bowling.....hahahahahaha still working on getting a decent score but the girls and I play it most nights and the girls use the Wii everyday while the boys the XBOX and somewhere in all that Tim manages the PS2.

Today we purchased fishies...yep Lance got a fish tank kinda at Christmas but not as a present and on Monday he bought plants and little fishie ornaments (well I actually did but he likes to think he did and started setting the tank up as meant and today 3 little fishies enter their new home. We purchased 2 Black Moors and some other tiny little thing that I can't remember the name of. Tank and new fishies sit in his room all completely happy in their new home and I do believe Lance has named them too........ one Black Moor is, the other is Mr Zucchini and the little fishie that you almost need a magnifier to not only see but find in the tank is drum roll please........Little Fishie!!!!!!!! Awesome hey! But he loves them already and that's all that counts oh and the fact that he keeps saying that "fish only have a 3 second memory, a bit like me mum hey"?!!!!!!!! How can you not have a smile on ya dial with that comment!

Ok well that's about it for now guys. Until next bloggin' stay safe, take care. Hugs Chris xoxo

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Amandac said...

hahaha Little Fishie! That's great - I hope Lance enjoys his fish, they are such fabulously soothing things. Such great news about your grandmother too Chris, I hope she settles in quickly and makes lots of new friends. Take care hun and a Happy new year to you too :)