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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

And you all thought I was hiding!!!

I had forgotten all about this LO when I had finished it.......a big oooops on my behalf and so managed to throw it into my galleries last week just before I got sick and buried myself in bed for days. Oh and it also got picked over in the standout gallery at DST (thanks Biancka) much to my surprise last week so that has popped a smile on my dial! Isn't DD Grace looking very cool and groovy with her new glasses? Although she doesn't have to wear them full time she does need them for a lot of things and they really really suit her don't you think?!

Oh my what a week!!! Just when I thought I had a small grip on things in life I get sick (no I haven't been hiding this past week) and I don't mean just a little but I have spent everyday in bed since last Wednesday (9th July) and today is the first day I have managed to get out of bed and stay out of bed for a time. I don't recall the last time I came down with a virus as bad as the one I have now. I usually don't even pick up a cold let alone anything worse but I did and boy have I been sick and unable to function in any manner till now. But that was then and this is now and although I am far from being 100% fit and healthy I am improving and the coughing or should I say barking has almost ceased, the fevers and dilirious state have finally finished as of last night and I slept, although only a few hours, better then I have slept since I got sick so things are improving and all I need now is for the pressure in my head to disappear and I think I will be back to some sort of normality.

I feel I have missed out on a whole week.......oh yeh I have and trying to catch up is going to be impossible so I am not even going to try this time round. Tim is now sick not as bad as me thank goodness but he now has a heavy cold and trying to shake it and thankfully the kids have not got sick yet either and I hope it stays that way as they just started back at school this week for term 3. Yep the school holidays are officially over and a new term and semester have begun!

So today I am just pottering about the place. A little blogging, a little housework, a little catching up here and there, a little more housework, a little trip to the shops and fill the car up with gas and that's about it. Anyway just a quick post today to let you all know I'm still alive and that I've only been sick, not hiding. Until next blogging take care stay safe and stay well! Hugs Chris xoxo

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Amandac said...

omg Chris you poor thing! What a nasty virus to get :( BIG Hugs! I really hope that things get better for you soon. Sorry I haven't been here for a bit I just got caught up on your other posts and I am soooo very glad that you all have a diagnosis for Lance now - I know it isn't going to be easy for you all but knowing is sometime half the battle won. I'll be thinking of you {squeezy hug}