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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Bad bad bad blogger!

I am so bad with my blogging this year even I should smack myself on the hand and say "naughty girl"....rofl! There is so much to say and although I thought about blogging often I found other excuses and didn't bother, but I know I am not the only one out there in blogging world that does this. I mean there is only so many hours in every day although I wish I could have at least another 4 to be and with 4 teens and hubby here at home often over the school holidays I found it almost impossible to get on my own pc and so didn't even bother.

Yes school holidays are finally over and kids are back at school which is good not only for my sanity although I do so love the holidays and spending time with the kids, but also for theirs cause as you can well imagine having 4 teens (well 3 and an almost 13 yr old) home every day for about 6 weeks can be pretty overwhelming and finances just don't seem to cut it with what I get paid and what they want to do. Who else finds that lifes expenses are just rising so rapidly you can't keep up with it all? Everything is increasing so much and my pay doesn't seem to alter in anyway.

I can't believe that Lance started Yr 11 this year and he just got his L's last Friday as well (8th of Feb) whoa slow down a little I say and if you happen to see an L plater on the roads in a white Ford station wagon coming your way with Mum in the passenger seat pulling out all her hair and blubbering totally crazy things don't panic that will just be me with Lance in the drivers seat! ;)
Grace of course is in Yr 10, Stephanie Yr 8 and would you believe Maddi started high school this year and is in Yr 7. Man what an adjustment to more primary school and my baby is growing how the heck did that happen??!!!!!

So what else is new.....thinking as I type and not much is going on in this brain of!
Went to Geelong at Christmas/New Years time and had a good time down there catching up with family and friends but boy was it hot hot hot so thankfully Tims parents onsite unit has an airconditioner otherwise we would have not survived.

The rest of the holidays we just sweltered here at home, stayed indoors with the AC flat out and didn't do that much else really just the odd day out shopping and kids went out with their mates here and there from time to time.

Then in no time at all it was time to get them ready for school and that was a busy and expensive time but they are all their now settling in somewhat and hopefully enjoying it as much as they can. Of course like any other child in school you have the good days, the bad and then the days that kids just can't get up in the morning and don't want to go to school at all. Yep it's all-a-happening!!!!!

Would you believe that this time last week I had just come out of hospital after being admitted cause I put my back out in such a bad way I had to be rushed by ambo on Sat (2nd Feb). Yep that was me. My back ceased on me ( I have had a degenerative disc in my lower spine for years)and went into full blown muscle spasms, nerve problems and major lockdown. After being put on some pretty heavy drugs in the emergency ward they finally admitted me Sat night and I came home on the 6th still very disabled and in pain and on heavy meds. Thankfully after xrays and an MRI I did not need surgery but with a little management for pain thanks to morphine and imflammatory drugs as well as a walking frame for the 1st few days things are finally settling down and I am slowly without overdoing it getting back movement, able to sit longer than a minute, no longer need my walking frame and no longer need the drugs as much as I have done so for the past week and a half. Yes today was a good day good enough to finally pop on over to PBP and catch up, good enough to drive the car for about 5 minutes tonight and free enough to move without too much drama because up until today things were not like this so with each day comes more movement and less stress to the back and I am happy. So if you wondered where I had been as I have been quite everywhere and MIA wonder no longer. Let's just hope each day is a good day and that with each day comes a better outcome then the day before.

Oh and to all those that knew via through the grapevine as my DD Grace sent a few emails out to those that just had to be contacted urgently when it all happened...thankyou for all your emails and well wishes and support through the forum over at PBP and Bella Scrap Mags. It is always truly wonderful that the internet keeps us close and in the support we need and that your well wishes, prayers, thoughts and support have been there for me, that simply just makes my day. I hope that my recovery just gets better and better from here onwards although I have not fully recovered and still need to take it very slow and very easy and make trips to the doctor, outpatients clinic and physio but I know you are all there thinking of me and so I thankyou all sincerely from my heart!

Although I have not managed to do any CT LO requirements since my stay in hospital and recovery at home I am planning to get to that slowly and surely with a bit of luck starting back with it all next week however I did manage a couple of LO's lately, otherwise me and my brain would have gone completely insane. The first one was done before my hospital stay and is a PBP CT LO but I simply had not got the LO into the gallery before hand so finally here it is.

The LO above actually won last weeks challenge "Back in Black" over at Vera Lim's blog and I am so excited that my LO was chosen. Thanks girls! :)


The LO above is for Vera's blog challenge this week. Theme is "I Love...." and this is my take on that theme.

So I think that is it for now and I do hope you enjoyed my post and my more recent LO's and once again my aplogies for not blogging sooner. Oh and by the way when you stop by let me know how you're doing! I would love to hear from you all so until next blogging and let's hope it won't take this long again, take care, stay safe and simply take one day at a time and enjoy it to the fullest!


Chris xoxoxo

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Janie said...

SO glad to hear you are on the medn - and don't worry about being an absent blogger! I'm just as bad or even worse!