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Friday, 1 December 2006

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month.

Yep today is the 1st of December and officially summer. Although not sure what happened to spring cause it was hot to and then we had some weird cold snaps that didn't even happen in the swinter when it's suppose to.

Ok first up and so I thought I would first start by venting a little about the air conditioner in the car. So are you all sitting down?

Anyway the car was booked in for Monday and Tuesday as the guys needed to work on it alot and come about 4pm Tuesday we ring to see if it is all done and yep it is so then Tim asks how much it cost this time round and the told us $911. So we freaked a little.......ok alot!!!
Basically the air con is new as they had to replace everything and of course all the hours of work which were alot so it cost all up around $1600...yep you read right and that's why I asked if you were sitting.

So yesterday as I was out and it being so hot it was time to use the air con ....bad mistake because the heater hoses blew and the car shut itself down and then completely drained it self of everything water and coolant so Tim and his Dad are out buying the replacement hoses now to fit but unfortunately we don't know if there has been any major damage done to the car as the head could have been melted or warped and if there has been then I just don't want to think about it so I have to admit I had a sleepless night last night. I am hoping that once the hoses are in place and everything is filled up then all will be fine but somewhere in the back of my mind....well ok forefront I feel it may not be as simple as that. To think we haven't even had the car for 6 months. Anyway no more to say just had to vent so now I have I'm not sure if I feel better or not.

I've done a little designing but only a few packs of alphas and want to do a couple more bits and pieces before I pop them in the shop but here is a sneak peek for you. They are Chipboard Glitter Fun Alphas with bonus symbols.

I've also been waiting on a paper scrapping order I put through last week so I can finish the album and altered boxes I am doing for Christmas. Thought it would be here by now so I am hoping today it will arrive. I ran out of ink and the ink I use is a Tim Holtz Ranger Ink for distressing all things that need it, anyways after sometime the pads dry out and thankfully this range you don't need to buy a new ink pad as they are quite exy but just a bottle of ink refiller.

I have just about finished the Christmas shopping. Finally decided on what to get for Stephanie but I can't post it here just yet as the kids read my blog. So now all I need to do is get Lance's bike the day before Christmas Eve and everything should be right.

Well the guys are back so it's time to go help work on this car of ours and keep the fingers crossed that everything is fine.

Have a great weekend, I know ours is full on and ciao for now.


Mel said...

Oh ouch on the price of getting the ac done! Hope no further damage was done and it goes smoothly!
And well done getting your Christmas shopping done!

fazzbech said...

Oh Chris, I hope the car doesn't work out too expensive for you!

Cool looking alpha, can't wait to see it in the shop and close up!

Angela said...

Grrrr to the car!! Hope that nothing major got damaged, and that this is the end of the trouble.

Lee said...

Well you're more advanced than me as far as Christmas shopping goes Chris! I'm jealous, wanna do mine? ;)

Hope the car is AOK now and I love the alpha, looks fabulous!