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Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Back to school and any other ramblings of the day.

Yes it's official kids started back to school today and boy was it quiet here at home. All 4 kids went off to school today and I have to say that I missed them. I love the school holidays and always have and these holidays were so nice and relaxing. So even though I do look forward to them going back to school in one way I also miss them. Tim starts back at uni this week as well. he only had the week off and that was full up with studying. I think I remember he said he only had 4 more weeks left of the semester and then he is on a much needed and well deserved break until he starts back next year. Gosh the year has flown so quickly and....eeeeeek...... Christmas is so close!

Ok so what did I do today?

Well once the kids were out the door Tim took off some pipes in the shower so we could go and get some replacements. Last year when Tim was replacing a new washer in one of the shower taps a pipe split and I mean split. Anyways knowing what was ahead and only being on limited finances as Tim is in full time uni we knew we could not afford to do anything about it at all cause the entire wall and plumbing had to be replaced. Big job indeed and lots of $$$$ so anyways the other week a friend of ours who is also a Social Worker ( that's what Tim is studying at uni) came to the rescue and said he would do the work if we just purchased the stuff that needed to be replaced. Yeh right!!! he popped over the other night and he and Tim got to looking at where the pipe had split. Well after loads of noise and demolishing obviously going on I felt compelled to ask how things were. Well to get to the split the had to take out one entire wall, tiles, cement sheeting and all. But wait there's more.....there was no split but instead a huge hole in one of the main pipes and the entire pipe had to be replaced along with the cement sheeting and tiles. They had no choice but to pull it all out to find where the problem was. So today we went shopping to buy the materials needed for one small shower wall and tomorow night Tim and friend start on repairing the damage done. Then no more I can't wait woohoo!!!!!

Anyhow that's it for now I think as I haven't any more to say.

Till next time guys keep on smiling!


Angela said...

lol, sorry Chris had to laugh about the shower episode... been there done that!! lol, nothing ever turns out as easy as first thought! The motto I now live by!
I have to agree with you about the end of school hols too.. I miss Julieanne, though the 'me' time is nice too lol, although Wayne was home yesterday, so I didn't get to do 'my' thing grrr ;)

fazzbech said...

Oh no, what a job on the shower! Glad you guys have it all under control now, though I'm sure it's something you could have done without!

Lis said...

Oh bugga Chris, hope you get the bathroom issues sorted out! Must be quiet at your house now with the kids back at school!

Retta said...

Oh goodness! I can't believe that about the shower. Glad to know the end is in sight! :D
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Sandra said...

We had something similar happen to our shower, not fun. Hoping that it gets fixed soon for you.
The house is so peaceful just for those few hours a day. Great but a littlle lonely.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Chris, I absolutely love school holidays and I had these ones off work, so even better!

Oh you poor things! Yes a bath is nice when you WANT one, but a shower is so much more convenient!